DIFFERENT PASSION is an inspirational youth talent drama about a young hair stylist (Lucy Ameh) who is being encouraged to sharpen her skill for better efficiency by her brother in-law (Paul Sambo). However, her sister (Empress Njamah), since hearing about a musical sensation discovered by her husband, who made over 160 million naira, wants her stylist sister to become a musician. A friend (Happy Jullian), however, encourages the stylist to follow her passion. She tells her the story of a witty and determined young pianist (Paul Adama) who assertively travels from his home village, Egume, to Abuja, to win a N15 million naira prize for a skaters’ reality show competition where he must embrace the daunting and ever insurmountable obstacles, which, in spite of all efforts, he fails to meet the ‘off-record’ requirements. Now a Christmas symphony he is encouraged to compose will bring him into great wealth and limelight. With a lovely bonus: the beautiful daughter (Jennifer Ayomoh) of an ex-minister (Jide Bolarinwa).


Written and Directed by ESA O’buluwa and produced by Paul Adama and Happy Jullian, DIFFERENT PASSION, now showing on Iroko TV, is a beautifully crafted story for the delight of the young and old alike. IMG-20160202-WA0003


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